Wilderness tyres & ATV , getting stuck in the mud

Not many people get stuck in the mud in their own driveway – but we do! I suppose you should consider us lucky in some respects to have the land, but it sometimes feels like such a burden.

Today Emily our maid got stuck in her huge 4×4 that she sometimes uses, and we had to try digging her out.

Firestone tyres generally speaking are not great, but for some reason their 4×4 tyres are superlative. Grabbers and GT used to be the “go to” brand but in recent years they have fallen by the wayside, their reviews speak as much.

We have done over 600,000km on ATX over many years. Only ever 6 punctures from very rough roads. Avg 110000km from a set. Offroad heavy load 30%, tar light load 70%.

So how DO you get out of the mud, well here’s how we at Wilderness do it.

Sorry to point out the obvious, but it’s wise to check the terrain you want to tackle before heading off the beaten track.

Generally, there are two sorts of conditions that could bring a car to a grinding halt. Shallow mud typically occurs when there has been fresh rain after a dry spell. The top surface of the soil will be wet and extremely slippery, and wheels will spin like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere.

Make sure that your tyres aren’t bald, illegal or just generally rubbish like ours were. And nowadays you can compare prices online for a lot of tyres.

However, beneath this thin layer of mud is firmer ground, so it’s likely you’ll be able to extricate yourself from the spot of bother.

Deep mud presents more of a challenge. If your car has sunk down far enough into the stuff, there’s a chance that it could effectively become beached. This is when its belly rests on the ground and the wheels are immersed in muck.

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