Garden Furniture

We no longer make all our furniture and most of the wood products in our small workshop here at Wilderness Wood.

Most of our goods are made from sweet chestnut, a very durable wood grown in our own coppices and from local Sussex oak.     We also use some softwood from our wood or other forests managed for a sustainable yield. We do not use any tropical hardwoods.


We can design and make goods to order, and deliver

Slow Broadband

The internet speeds we can get here in the woodland are remarkably slow. You might not even be surprised by that – after all, living in a woodland must have its downsides. Otherwise everyone would do it!

That said, it can always be worse. I was recently reading an article that revealed the ‘slowest street’ in the UK, this seems to be a movable feast. But currently that accolade goes to  Kingsclere in Huntington, York, was identified as having an …